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2018 Seminars

Following a promising start to our new seminar program in 2016 we will be updating this page as new courses become available. These will be in partnership with other organizations and shall cover a wide range of areas.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Clare Charity Centre for some inspiring courses in the future!

The Clare Foundation Seminars

We are always adding future seminars. Please check back again soon.

From start-up to small charity – the 5 most important things to get right

Date: 2nd March 2018

Price: £12

Time: 1:30pm - 4:30pm

This seminar takes a broad look at five crucial things for small and growing charities to get right. We will be discussing

  1. How to make the most of stakeholder engagement
  2. How to set up the right evaluation processes
  3. Creating a strategic plan that you can actually deliver
  4. Getting fundraising off the ground
  5. Managing the “back-office”.

The seminar aims to give participants practical suggestions that they can implement in their own organisations.

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Maximising the return on your social media – how to ensure you create a tribe of raging fans?

Date: 14th March 2018

Price: £12

Sessions: 9:00am – 9.45am; 10.30am – 11.15am or 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Social Media can be a powerful tool for any charity when used to it’s full extent.

In this workshop Jo Bayne of the Sweet Charity will give you hints and tips on how to help manage your charity's social media platforms better and in a more strategic manner.

This course is not for beginners as it will expand on previous knowledge and aims to improve the effectiveness of your online charitable campaigns.

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Structure Your Charity For Financial Strength

Date: 29th March 2018

Price: £15

Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm

Do you have the tools in place to manage your charity finances and do you understand the financial information to help you make decisions?

In the Seminar we will look at 3 key areas:

  1. FINANCIAL PLANNING: A longer term plan or strategy can build the organisations financial strength. Many Charities and non- profits rely on just a few sources of income , which can make the financial position vulnerable.
  2. FINANCIAL CONTROLS: There must be proper controls in place to ensure money can be accounted for and not misused.
  3. FINANCIAL REPORTING: The non profit or charity needs good financial information to understand the financial health of the organisation.

On a practical note we will be looking at

  • The structure of your strategic plan and financial projections.
  • The extent and type of financial controls that should be in place.
  • Structuring and understanding the Profit and Loss Report and Balance sheet.
  • Managing your cashflow and unlocking cash internally.

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Rhetorica®: persuasive writing techniques with Scott Keyser

Date: 16th April 2018

Price: £15

Time: 1:30pm - 5:30pm

Scott Keyser is The Writing Guy. His company is Write for Results.

Scott helps professionals who do technically complex work — actuaries,auditors, accountants, engineers, lawyers, scientists — but who sometimes struggle to communicate the value of that work to their market. He simply shows them how to make their communications clear, concise and compelling, so they stand out in the market, engage the reader and deliver the results that its clients want. Scott has helped thousands of professionals around the world with their writing, including two magic circle law firms, two of the Big Four accountants and, for ten years, staff of The Economist.

Scott’s background includes eight years at PwC and Ernst & Young, where he helped the UK firm to double its tender win-rate.

As you might expect from The Writing Guy, Scott is also published: he’s written two books, one on persuasive writing (rhetorica — a toolkit of 21 everyday writing techniques); another on how to win more bids, tenders, pitches and proposals (Winner Takes All). Both are available on Amazon. In his workshop for the Clare Foundation, he will share a number of his 21 rhetorica techniques with us.

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Giving constructive feedback - How to ensure it is received positively and what to do if it's not

Date: 20th April 2018

Price: £15

Time: 9:30am - 12:30pm

It can be difficult to give constructive feedback in a work environment.

While your feedback may be well intended it is also important to look at how it may be recieved.

In this seminar Caroline Johnston will help you to learn the dos and don'ts of giving feedback.

Draft agenda

  • Why do we give feedback?
  • What is constructive feedback?
  • How do we make feedback constructive?
  • How do we deal with a negative response?
  • What are the skills needed for giving feedback?

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"The first module of the Retail Programme for the charitable sector went very well with very positive evaluations from the participants. I am pleased to let you know that some respondents commented that they found the facilities and catering particularly, as excellent, for example:
‘Fantastic venue and catering I thought the whole day was well organised. It was interesting and thought provoking. Excellent facilities’
Thank you for your help in operationalising this innovative programme and helping to make it a success"

- Dr. Lesley Bridges DHC MSc. BSc (Hons) DipN RGN
Principal Lecturer
Buckinghamshire New University

"Very informative, they were clearly very well experienced in the subject – they both presented it in a manner that was easy for complete novices to understand! Held the whole audience’s attention for the duration of the seminar – I would recommend for anyone who is looking to learn more about doing in house PR. Any further courses I would definitely attend."

- Rosie Mills
Exhibition & Events Manager
Automatic Vending Association

“We are delighted to be presenters at the Clare Charity Centre, running workshops on PR. Martin and his team are incredibly well organised and efficient, ensuring that no details were overlooked in the running of our event. We were hugely impressed with the surroundings, from the warm smile as we entered, to the fantastic facilities on offer. The network of attendees The Clare Foundation works with is hugely impressive and we enjoyed meeting people with diverse experiences and answering their well-considered questions. We look forward to returning to the Clare Charity Centre soon.”

- Gaby Riley
RelevantNow (

“Just wanted to thank The Clare Foundation for running the Leadership (Mary Farebrother) and PR & Communication (Relevant Now PR) courses recently. Well done and keep up the good work! It was nice to meet some new people and of course you and your colleagues.”

- Ashwinder (Ash) Sura