Important Announcement from The Clare Foundation

The Clare Foundation is pleased to announce a major change to its operating model and geographic reach. At a launch meeting presented to all staff and business partners today Mike Elliott and John Jeans (Co Chair of the charity) outlined this important change.

Over the last years, The Clare Foundation has seen success with its services for local charities and not for profit organisations. The growth in demand for it’s products and services particularly the seminar and coaching programmes has been enormous.

With this backdrop, the Foundation has undertaken a major strategic review over the last 12 months as part of its ongoing strategy programme and has decided both to expand its role and its services and to extend these over a far larger geographic area and possibly, for some issues, a nationwide service.

With the massive changes faced by the economy and the third sector in the coming years, the Foundation now feels the time is right to have a broader reach and to adopt more online services and activities to extend its penetration and to help more charities.

It became apparent during the strategic review that the demand for the Foundation’s services could be met by a new operating model and structure and, whilst very aware this would have an impact on a great many people and organisations, the Foundation feels it is the right course of action for the future growth and resilience of the organisation.

In this change the Foundation can dramatically increase its ability to reach far more people, impact on wider numbers of topics and sectors and significantly strengthen the third sector not just in the local area but potentially nationally.

The new operating model is being developed and fine tuned now and the Foundation will announce more in the coming months until then:

Mike Elliott, Co Chairman, said

“Today marks a strategic change for the Foundation, it is very satisfying to be able to announce a change to what, where and to whom we can now offer services.”

He added:

“It has taken a significant review to reach this position and 12 months of hard work has now resulted in our announcements today. We hope to communicate a lot more in the near future.”

Martin Gallagher, CEO or the Foundation and the Clare Charity Centre added

“We have been through a thoroughly challenging strategic review in the last year something we teach to all our business partners and have now identified that we can move to a wider reach for what we do.”

“We will offer additional services, undertake research and develop our online capabilities dramatically and do so across a range of topics and a whole new field of endeavour. I am very excited about the future.”