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The Clare Foundation is a charity working collaboratively with other voluntary sector organisations to assist them to become more efficient and effective in all areas of their work. Through its various programmes and services, it strives to help all charitable organisations within Buckinghamshire, in particular, but also across England and Wales.

The Clare Foundation promotes best practice, the use of established business methods, expertise and good governance to help charities meet their own expectations. The Foundation works closely with each charity, over a period of time, to help them define the work or strategy that needs to be developed. Our position and purpose is to provide the best possible bespoke support for the individual, Board, Senior Management Team and/or charity to accomplish their objectives no matter how long it takes.

The Clare Foundation promotes best practice through coaching, mentoring, charity leader and CEO forums, networking events, seminars and leadership workshops.

Charity Help Advisory Team

The Clare Foundation established The Charity Advisors Network in 2010 with the aim of connecting high quality corporate volunteers from all spheres of business with charities in need of their skill sets.

Given the ever changing economic environment and the greater pressure on the charity sector due, in part, to austerity, community partnerships and the serious breeches in trust with the donors it has become apparent that we need to put more emphasis on the infrastructure support. We can provide bespoke support and triage where appropriate.

Our ability to build great partnerships with corporate, professional and sector skilled people is critical to our success and at the heart of our support for charities.

In 2017 we developed our new programme, CHAT (Charity Help Advisory Team), coordinated and triaged by Martin Gallagher, CEO of The Clare Foundation. CHAT has a larger and more diverse group of specialists and experts in various fields of delivery. Charities can approach by email or by filling out our form.

As part of the delivery model The Clare Foundation is setting up a programme of Pro Bono Workshops and Seminars for a cross section of the sector, we will also be delivering specialist workshops/training in a tailor made format.

Our bespoke service is one-to-one with our CEO, Martin Gallagher, who will take the necessary time to work with a Charity CEO, Chair or Trustee and/or triage where more appropriate.

For further information about The Charity Help Advisory Team please contact us.

Charity Incubators

In 2013, The Clare Foundation established Charity Incubators.

Under these arrangements, smaller charitable initiatives, often developed by younger, passionate fundraisers and individuals spurred to action by contemporary causes, have the means to develop fundraising streams and valuable programmes without the need to establish their own independent charitable entity. Through this arrangement, The Clare Foundation offers the support of a financial framework, mentoring and guidance from seasoned charity sector professionals and the opportunity for start up ideas to grow.

Eduhaitian strives to provide children in Haiti with scholarships to further their education. Tuition fees in Haiti frequently prevent the pursuit of knowledge from worthy students. Eduhaitian is passionately working to change this situation.

Attacked not Defeated is a small charity working on the ground in Kampala, Uganda to combat stigma surrounding sexual and gender based violence and offering accessible and professional support pathways to survivors of rape through community outreach and advocacy.

Phoebe Tansley, Founder of Attacked Not Defeated, talking about her experiences as a Charity Incubator.


I am the CEO of Helen & Douglas House and I have been in my post substantively for 19 months. I first met Martin when we were both in new roles. Whilst there is an element of mutual support and sharing of ideas Martin, personally, has been particular helpful, offering advice, sharing his experience and expertise when we have been faced with significant financial challenges and issues of sustainability. On an organisational level the Clare Foundation is a major player in assisting the charitable sector, facilitating relationships and encouraging networking and well as organising and hosting learning opportunities. Both Martin and The Clare Foundation have assisted me in what has been a difficult year.
Clare Periton | Chief Executive | Helen & Douglas House | Oxford
Being a CEO is isolated and we all need a sounding board or critical friend from time to time who will listen and talk through the issues. Martin is exactly that critical friend, always supportive but ready to ask the tough questions and get to the heart of the issues. He has helped me clear my thinking and to develop coherent and effective strategies for addressing the biggest challenges. Martin’s advice is based on sound knowledge and experience and always worth listening to.
Martin developed and facilitated a day for my senior management team which re-focused everyone’s thinking. His expertise in team development was invaluable in helping all to understand the need to breakdown silos and achieve more by being supportive team players. The day was stimulating, challenging, thought provoking, fun and ultimately successful in achieving all objectives. The team has become ever more collaborative and effective since that day.
Jenifer Cameron | Chief Executive Officer | Action 4 Youth | Buckinghamshire
The Clare Foundation has provided for me and for PACE for many years. This support has taken the form of:
  • Subsidised Training and Seminars on a range of topics from charity governance, finance, marketing and leadership
  • A bespoke training day for PACE's Leadership Team at a point of transition for the charity, led by the TCF CEO Martin Gallagher
  • Ongoing support and follow up from this training from the CEO
  • Networking opportunities to meet other charity leaders and people of influence
  • Pro Bono Sessions with a personal coach to support me as I took the role of CEO
As a charity and in order to achieve or charitable objectives PACE has to develop the management and leadership skills of our staff quickly, effectively and the most cost effective way possible. The Clare Foundation recognises the need and has developed a highly innovative and effective way of this to new and established charities. The quality of support, knowledge and skills that I and my staff have gained from the activities noted above has been outstanding. We have been introduced to speakers who are experts in their field and coaching that I have received as Chief Executive has enabled me fulfil my duties and responsibilities with confidence. The support that PACE has received from The Clare Foundation has undoubtedly enabled our staff to be more effective and knowledgeable in their work.
I am extremely grateful to The Clare Foundation for this support.
Amanda Richardson MBE | CEO | PACE Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
The Clare foundation and its CEO Martin Gallagher has been a great local asset for Oasis, offering support, training and guidance. The training sessions, that I or my managers and staff have attended, are great, very relevant and provide a great opportunity to network with other local organisations. I really like that the fact that the sessions provided are local, value for money and often just for half a day. This makes it financially viable to attend and timely as travel time is reduced.
On a personal basis I have spent a few sessions with Martin in his coaching capacity, which has been great , and a further good local resource, particularly given that it is difficult for a CEO to 'offload' and discuss issues with employees. I feel I can contact Martin at any time and if he is not available he will get back in touch.
Colin McGregor Paterson | CEO | Oasis Partnership | Buckinghamshire