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Charity Services

Helping Charities

The Clare Foundation is a charity working collaboratively with other voluntary sector organisations to assist them to become more efficient and effective in all areas of their work.

By working to best practice protocols The Clare Foundation, through its various programmes and services, strives to help all charitable organisations within Buckinghamshire, in particular, but also across the Thames Valley and Chilterns region.

The Foundation promotes established commercial methods, business expertise and entrepreneurism to the voluntary sector through its programmes, mentoring , shared best practice and networking forums.

Charity Advisors Network

The Clare Foundation established The Charity Advisors Network in 2010 with the aim of connecting highly qualified, corporate volunteers from all spheres of business with charities in need of their various skillsets.

Volunteers are made aware of the needs of charities, via a project brief, which can focus on areas such as marketing and communications, finance, HR, IT, fundraising or governance. Volunteers then liaise directly, at CEO level in the charitable organisation, to determine the most effective way for the organisation to proceed.

The Clare Foundation, through its Charity Services Manager, works as a conduit between the volunteer professionals and the charitable organisation to bring skills and professional services, pro bono, to organisations that would otherwise be burdened with professional fees and lengthy delays in meeting their individual goals.

For further information about The Charity Advisors Network please contact us.

Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

In 2013, The Clare Foundation acquired 4C Bucks under its umbrella of charity services.

4C Bucks is a brokerage service that serves to match socially responsible businesses with voluntary sector requirements. As Corporate Social Responsibility impacts on the business agenda, 4C Bucks provides companies of all sizes with a readymade solution. Membership of 4C Bucks provides businesses with a defined agenda , with opportunities to help on relevant community projects, offer support and expertise as well as the opportunity for staff to develop their skills whilst directly benefitting the community.

It is the Clare Foundation’s vision to inspire businesses to work in partnership with voluntary sector organisations for the benefit of people who work, live and learn in Buckinghamshire.

Charity Incubators

In 2013, The Clare Foundation established Charity Incubators.

Under these arrangements, smaller charitable initiatives, often developed by younger, passionate fundraisers and individuals spurred to action by contemporary causes, have the means to develop fundraising streams and valuable programmes without the need to establish their own independent charitable entity. Through this arrangement, The Clare Foundation offers the support of a financial framework, offices to work from, mentoring and guidance from seasoned charity sector professionals and the opportunity for start up ideas to grow.

Eduhaitian is the first charity incubator at The Clare Foundation. Eduhaitian strives to provide children in Haiti with scholarships to further their education. Tuition fees in Haiti frequently prevent the pursuit of knowledge from worthy students. Eduhaitian is passionately working to change this situation.

Charity Services

The Clare Foundation supports the charitable community with a wide range of professional development and networking forums. This service is to bring the diverse charitable organisations of the region together as one collegiate body. The sharing of ideas amongst charity professionals leads to energised outlooks and the achievement of common goals.

The Foundation hosts forums and networking meetings for charity finance professionals, fundraisers and charity leaders. These forums can involve guest speaker presentations and Q and A sessions for debate and discussion.

The services of a Writer in Residence is another initiative of The Clare Foundation. This service allows charitable organisations to improve communications and marketing materials such as Annual Reports and fundraising materials. A professional writer works pro bono with each organisation, polishing materials and passing on valuable skills to members of their communications and marketing teams.

The Foundation host the Red Kite Ramble fundraising event each year. This event is organised by The Foundation and allows voluntary sector and community organisations in the region to utilise this well run event to deliver funding to charities of choice or local community projects. 5o% of registration fees are returned to individual charities of choice as well as the further fundraising opportunity of sponsorship gained by individual walkers. It is a fun family day promoted by the Foundation to bring charity and community groups together and to raise vital funds!

For further information about the Charity Services provided please contact us


"I have been extremely pleased with the support provided by Martin and his team at TCF, for several different reasons…
It is quite easy to get stuck in a bit of a rut with so many competing demands and expectations to deal with, but after one mini coaching session with Martin, I got back on track and pulled myself out of my ‘frenzied’ stage and back into the ‘productive' stage. Martin did not use any magic he just reminded me about effective time management and planning effectively, which can so easily be forgotten in todays hectic workplace.
TCF have provided some great networking events and linked our charity with some useful individuals. I have recently attended two half day sessions provided by TCF – one was about running your own PR campaign and the other one was about leadership. Both sessions were really useful, led by experts in the field. I appreciated the fact that they were half day sessions, making both easier to attend and the fact that TCF is local and accessible.
TCF appears quite unique in the way they engage local charities, I would certainly recommend having a meeting with them, and look forward to continuing our relationship."

- Colin McGregor-Paterson
Chief Executive Officer
The OASIS Partnership

"I attended a meeting with our Chair of Trustees at the Clare Foundation Monday 4th Jan 2016. We found the advice given to us was excellent. The signposting given was also very worthwhile indeed. We have acted upon the advice given to us and we have been so impressed with the response and support offered to us.
Both Martin Gallagher and Martin Thornton could not have been more helpful and practical with the range of their suggestions to assist us. The ‘Martins’ are both consummate professionals bringing their knowledge and experience to our meeting in a way that gave us confidence and motivation. I have no hesitation in recommending them and the support of the Clare Foundation. The Risk Management Course with Cardinus Risk Management which we were subsequently invited to was both very informative and of great value to all who attended it."

- Elizabeth Burton-Phillips
Founder and CEO

“Milton’s Cottage Trust (CIO) in Chalfont St Giles has worked with The Clare Foundation over the last few months benefitting from direct advice and from most informative seminars including Risk Management, Master Plan development, embracing new technologies, Public Relations and setting up a legacy programme. These seminars were packed with information and subsequent valuable offers of assistance from all the presenting organisations. These resources have been invaluable.”

- John Bradley
Trustee of Milton’s Cottage Trust (CIO)