Professional Development Seminar

CEO Leadership Forum Series

The Clare Foundation provides professional development and networking forums for charity professionals and we have now developed the CEO Leadership Forum. These forums involve guest speaker presentations and Q and A sessions for debate and discussion.

In the past few years, charities enjoyed Professional Updates from Joel Hughes, the Corporate Partnerships Manager at Crowdfunder UK and Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive at Social Enterprise UK.

The seminar is to provide the CEOs with insight from a different sector and perspective, the forum will allow CEOs to discuss the sectors needs and collectively address issues of concern and importance.


We would like to welcome all CEO, Founders and Directors to our Charity Leadership Lunch Forums.

These monthly forums are kindly sponsored by Your Right Hand Finance Team (Trudy Murphy).

Each forum is an invitation for networking and getting to know other CEO's in the area over some delicious food and drink.

The forum starts at the times shown below, with lunch served at 1pm.

Speakers will discuss their chosen topic from 1:45pm until 2:30pm

New Dates TBc

We have currently finished our run of CEO Leadership Forums. Please check back soon to see our new dates.