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If you're starting a charity, or have just started setting up a charity, The Clare Charity Centre can help. From the first seeds of an idea, with the right support, valuable initiatives can grow and flourish.

When starting a charity, through Charity Incubators, we help setup small charitable initiatives and start-ups to develop fundraising streams and carry out valuable work without the need to establish their own independent charitable entity.

They benefit from a financial framework and services, office space to work from. When setting up a charity mentoring and guidance from experienced charity sector professionals is extremely helpful.

Eduhaitian provides children in Haiti with educational scholarships. Olivia Owen and Emma Simpson met in Haiti following the earthquake of January 12th, 2010. Their primary efforts were on helping a group of orphanages in Port au Prince to meet their needs for food and medical care. By working with a local educational contact, Junie Bertram, and these orphanages, they learned some of the more fundamental issues that affect Haiti’s children. Primary among these difficulties is the lack of access to education.

See www.eduhaitian.org

Attacked Not Defeated (AND) has been created initially to provide women in Uganda who have been attacked and raped with emotional, legal, and medical support after experiencing a trauma.

AND is hoping to provide a Crisis and Recovery Centre (or 'Safehouse') in Kampala, Uganda, where victims can get help, care and support under one roof. This model can then be replicated in other areas and eventually, other countries. They also intend to run a number of campaigns to detach stigma and help women to feel liberated, as well as encouraging personal safety.

See www.attackednotdefeated.org

Phoebe Tansley, Founder of Attacked Not Defeated, talking about her experiences as a Charity Incubator.

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