Charity Advisors Network

Connecting People, Skills and Experience to Chilterns and Thames Valley charities. If you are a Charity with a project or challenge to resolve that will benefit from some specialist targeted intervention, then the Charity Advisors Network is a great place to look for the skill and fresh perspective you need.

The Clare Foundation brings together people looking to put something back into their community with real issues in local charities to make a difference… a “dating agency” with a social purpose!

So how does it work?

Charities bring forward their projects to the Clare Foundation who will help focus and formulate a project brief. The brief is posted to the network of advisors on LinkedIn asking for a volunteer(s), the project and volunteer are matched and an introduction made. The scope of the involvement and the outcomes are agreed between the Charity and the CAN member. The Clare Foundation stays in the wings to monitor progress and to contribute to potential follow up projects.

So what is the involvement by a CAN member?

It varies… sometimes a phone call is enough, more often a short series of meetings over a mutually agreed timespan. This is a great way for charities to improve their effectiveness and for volunteers to support charities in their areas of expertise whenever they can.
The network continues to grow and has over 80 members with a variety of skills including business development, change management, marketing, project management, HR, Legal and IT.

Some of our Advisors:

Advisor A - has been in the charity sector for 30 years, and served as a Trustee for many of those years, working with a variety of charities. Her skills include coaching and mentoring, marketing strategy, planning and administration, change management and trustee development.

Advisor B - has specific knowledge of media industries, magazine publishing, commercial radio and websites and is currently a cost management specialist.

Advisor C - is a qualified accountant with financial, management and commercial negotiating skills and is a charity volunteer.

Advisor D - is an HR, change management and communications professional, skilled in employee relations, learning & development and remuneration, who volunteers and has also worked in the charity sector alongside running her own business.

Advisor E - is an experienced lawyer, having headed up a commercial legal department and been in a solicitor’s practice prior to that.

Recent examples of projects include:

  • Advice to update a charity’s business plan to reflect a significant decrease in income.
  • Coaching a newly appointed CEO as they settled into their new role.
  • Chair and Trustee board advice on recruitment of a new CEO position.
  • Advice to someone with a great new idea to start a self sustaining Charity with a parallel business.
  • A review of a charity’s website with advice and strategic plan for redevelopment of the site. Click here for a recent example.
  • Assisting a local action group to consider the issues associated with setting up a CIC, Charity and/or Company Limited by guarantee as they take on services previously run by the Local Council.
  • Cooperation, collaboration and merger initiatives, sounding board and honest brokerage.

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